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About The Market Bull

In today’s fast-paced and dynamic financial markets, the need for quality news coverage has never been more crucial.

Born from the vision of a group of highly experienced private investors based in Perth, Western Australia, The Market Bull brings together individuals with extensive expertise in stockbroking, corporate advisory, and journalism to form a dynamic team with a special focus on ASX-listed micro-cap, small-cap and mid-cap companies, and emerging markets.


Recognising the immense value of comprehensive news coverage for smaller companies and emerging markets, we embarked on a mission to provide top-notch coverage to investors and stakeholders worldwide.


With deep insights into the evolving investment landscape, The Market Bull firmly believes in the significance of disseminating accurate and reliable information about promising up-and-coming prospects.


The Market Bull team is dedicated to delivering insightful, timely, and well-researched news to investors, empowering them to make informed decisions and stay ahead in an ever-changing investment landscape.

Our Reach

At The Market Bull, we take pride in our remarkable success in expanding our Twitter subscriber base, surpassing the 16,800 mark within just two years. Our weekly newsletter has captivated the interest of nearly 60,000 subscribers, a testament to the resonance of our content and our ability to grow our investor database.

Our secret to this success? A laser-focused strategy that revolves around precision advertising and harnessing the power of social media demographics. By targeting individuals interested in keywords like #copper, #uranium, and #investing, we not only boost visibility but also increase the likelihood of connecting with potential subscribers and shareholders.

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Twitter – 16,800 followers


YouTube – 7,600 subscribers


LinkedIn – 2,900 followers

Apple Mail 512

Newsletter – 60,000 subscribers

Audience Demographics

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Our Services

We offer a diverse array of content, including informational video interviews, thought-provoking podcasts, compelling editorial pieces, and engaging company visuals, spread across various social media platforms.

Strategically, we concentrate our efforts on platforms like Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn, ensuring that your valuable content swiftly reaches individuals who are most aligned with your message.

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Editorial Release & Copywriting

Our journalist & copywriting team has the experience and expertise to effectively share your story with potential investors.

We handle professional copywriting, impactful news releases, and strategic distribution to connect you with your target audience throughout your corporate lifecycle, tailored to your unique needs and goals.

Precision Targeting & Marketing

To effectively connect with your desired investor base, it’s essential to possess a deep comprehension of your investors’ profiles and expectations.

With our wealth of experience in all facets of investor relations, we stand ready to assist you in formulating a tailor-made investor marketing strategy precisely aligned with your target audience. We also aid in personalising your communications for specific investor segments.

Animation Videos

Our animated 2D & 3D explainer and motion graphic videos are tailor-made to captivate, educate, and simplify your message.

With a passion for crafting unique animations, we breathe life into your projects, brands, and ideas, allowing us to convey your company story directly to your audience.

Social Media Management

Maintain strong relationships on all social media platforms with fresh, targeted content and consistent updates.

Our seasoned social media management team will provide custom, scheduled posts for platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, leveraging paid advertising to enhance engagement and connect with potential shareholders and customers.

Podcast & Audio Content

Record a podcast with a tailored strategy, leveraging your and your company’s unique voice, to foster significant change and boost engagement, whether it’s with your internal team or external stakeholders.

As podcast consumption continues to rise, it presents a relevant, accessible, and impactful avenue to connect with your audience across the globe.

Video Interview Marketing

Engage your stakeholders effectively and cultivate their trust through expertly crafted, shareable video content that educates, fosters meaningful connections and keeps investors updated with the latest developments.

Our streamlined approach includes defining your target audience, storyboarding, coordinating filming logistics, providing expert on-site guidance, in-house editing for swift final production, and facilitating content distribution as part of your go-to-market strategy.

Our Services

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